Barbara Kelly B.Sc Hons. Relationship Counsellor & Trauma Resolution Specialist
Faversham, Kent

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Frequently Asked Questions

How counselling & psychotherapy work

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where will the meetings take place?

A. Meetings take place in my private counselling room in Faversham, Kent. Clients often find that it is easier to discuss their feelings in a neutral setting. For clients with disabilities, I may be to arrange for the meetings to be held in a more convenient venue.

Q. How many meetings are we likely to need?

A. Meetings usually take place on a weekly basis, each one lasting an hour. It’s hard to say how many meetings you’ll need, as this depends on your individual circumstances. I suggest that we meet for an initial appointment and at the end of this meeting it’s usually possible to have a better sense of how long your counselling will take and to arrange meetings to suit your requirements and circumstances.

Q. My partner has already decided that I’m entirely in the wrong and I’m worried that counselling sessions might just become an extension of the divisions and rows we’re already experiencing at home.

A. One of the benefits of counselling is that counsellors remain impartial and don’t take sides. I will listen to what you each have to say without making judgements about you so that the meetings are an opportunity for both of you to talk about how you feel. You can think about how you each might be able contribute towards resolving the difficulties you’re experiencing together.

Q. My partner has flatly refused counselling, can it be of any help if I attend alone?

A. Yes, if your partner doesn't want to come for counselling, it can still be helpful for you to come alone. You can talk about your feelings and about the relationship from your perspective and this will help you deal with your own emotions, as well seeing the relationship from a different perspective.

Q. Our relationship has already ended but I’m finding great difficulty in coming to terms with it. Is there anything you can do to help?

A. Yes, coming to terms with the ending of a relationship is difficult. In counselling sessions I can help you make sense of why the relationship has ended and this in itself can help you go forward. I can also support you while you’re coming to terms with the difficult feelings that you’re left with.

Q. How will I know if you're the right counsellor for me?
A. Deciding which counsellor isn't easy. There are many to choose from. I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation during which you can ask any questions you may have, and see whether I'm someone you feel comfortable talking to. If you think I am we can book a first appointment and take things from there.

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